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Am I doing it for the right reasons

June 10th, 2010 at 10:51 pm

With my honey on deployment, we have been able to stash a good chunk of change away into savings. But I've been doing it so intensely that I have actually had a moment or two where I find myself short before payday because I've hidden so much money away in an account that isn't very easy to get money out (by design of course).

It's not bad to save and its not bad to save for a rainy day, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm saving out of fear. Its like I'm scared of ever feeling out of control and having a bunch of money saved up lets me feel like I have some sense of control no matter what happens. But its getting to the point where it's almost a detriment because no matter how much I get saved, I could be doing more and I haven't really done enough. This isn't Dave Ramsey gazelle intensity, this is just nuts.

There - I said it. Now I can figure out how to balance things out for myself. Maybe I need a therapist more than a financial blog Smile

3 Responses to “Am I doing it for the right reasons”

  1. nmboone Says:

    That feeling is familiar to me too. Sometimes even when I buy stuff I really need like clothes, I'm thinking, wait should I be saving this money? Although technically I am saving money to move out soon, I'm always thinking, how can I save more? I guess it's better than a mentality where one spends whatever one has.

    Try to not be as hard on yourself when you feel the need to save more and more, and definitely don't put yourself in a hard spot!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I can relate. Maybe ease up the savings by a couple hundred dollars and see if that is a better balance. It could just be the plan needs to be tweaked a bit. Good luck!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Deployments are a pain, I know from experience, but they at least do allow many people to put away some cash. Congrats on making the decision to do this and I hope that it leads to more of a sense of calm, and some insurance against a rainy day. I think many of us have this fear, so don't think that you are alone!

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