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Great Wolf Lodge/Great Video to Get Perspective

March 14th, 2009 at 09:11 pm

So we wanted to take a vacation but Hawaii and Disneyland are out of the question right now as we try to build our emergency fun. We struck a middle ground and went to the Great Wolf Lodge. We got a good deal as a repeat guest and also going on a Thursday helped a lot.

At the Great Wolf Lodge, you can only live so long at the indoor waterpark so they offer other entertainment. There is this game called Magiquest that costs about $25 including a re-usable wand and a game that takes you several quests and adventures. We saw it during our first visit and couldn't justify the cost. But after my honey did research on it, he thought it would be fun for he and my son to do. I groaned a little but decided we do have the money so it will be fun for them.

We enter the Magiquest store and there is a magnetic pull on your wallet just walking in. It isn't enough to have a wand and the game. They have costumes, accessories and all sorts of extra stuff. The 2 groups in front of us spent over $80 per child in their party. I thought my financial heart was going to stop hearing that. I started to feel a tiny tinge of guilt that maybe I should buck up and let my son get an accessory (but I didn't say that outloud). At least I have the consolation that they loved it and I got to lounge around in the room while they ran floor to floor looking for clues.

All in all - we had a fun mini-vacation for under $300 for my honey and 2 kidlets. We stayed in the cheap no frills room, didn't eat in the hotel restaurants and didn't buy any trinkets besides the magiquest game.

On a totally unrelated note - I saw this video on msn (http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=440c42de-45fb-4c12-a38e-1dc3c2814851) where this former exec who got laid off takes a job as a janitor to survive. I was pretty moved about his honesty and candor and how humble he was. I have thought about what it might feel like if/when I get laid off and this guy really sums it up beautifully. Highly recommend you watch it. There is a more expanded video of his situation somewhere (maybe the today show?) but all in all - this guy's video gives me strength in this crappy economy and helps me remember to pray everyday for all the blessings I have with my family and friends.