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separate accounts are bumming me out

January 25th, 2010 at 09:05 pm

Let me start off saying that having separate accounts is not a bad thing. For many - it is a very good and workable solution. For my honey and I we have always gone the joint route and it has worked out well for us.

In planning for his deployment, we created a second account that is techincally joint as well, but it's really his account. We set it up joint so I could move money into it quickly if needed, but all and all I don't touch it or monitor it besides making sure it doesn't say zero or anything negative.

He got a chance to call me today and we talked about me moving some money into it soon. It kind of bums me out because it makes it feel even more real that he is gone. We've been married for over 14 years and we always keep our assets together. It just feels weird to have something this separate set up.

All in all I have nothing to complain about and am trying to make the best of it while we are apart, but it just still feels a little melancholy sometimes when I see our two separate accounts.

7 Responses to “separate accounts are bumming me out”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I feel for you. We are getting closer to deployment right now. I can see where anything 'different from the norm' makes you miss his presence.

    We actually have two joint checking accounts that we use for different purposes, but I have thought one of them could become 'his' while away if necessary.

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

  2. ktmarvels Says:

    I'm not really understanding...why does he need a separate account while he's on deployment? When DH was on deployment he used our normal debit and credit cards (mostly debit taking out cash). Granted, we have a HUGE buffer in our savings account and he never really took out that much at a time.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    kt, it is probably not a NEED, but a way to handle the money. Just the way they decided to handle it.

    Can either of you tell me how your each of your LES looks? Is the fed and state tax refunded on the 15th or the 1st? Or does it even show up. I'm trying to refresh my mind from last time. I think hostile fire pay is on the 15th and FSA and Hardship Duty pay are split evenly on each check is that right? I don't need exact numbers just how the combat pays and taxes show up on the LES's. Thanks!

  4. tinibee Says:

    @creditcardfree - my honey hasn't hit boots on ground/in theater yet so not getting that pay quite yet - sorry, wish I had more info for you Frown. I tried to get onto mypay the other day to get a look at the next LES and couldn't access the system. I guess I better put that on the list of things to talk to husband about.

    We are on our second military paycheck since he went active and the numbers are still wonky for a variety of reasons. I don't expect I'm going to see a normal check for atleast a couple more cycles. As long as I can pay the bills, guess I can't complain too much Smile

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Awww, well, it's for a pragmatic reason right? Not really because he wants to be separate or anything. And anyhow, it's temporary. Once he returns, you guys can re-join the accounts.

    I think it's really sweet though that you feel this way.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks for your response! I did look up our old LES's from last time, so it gives me a little bit to go on. Family Sep Allowance & Hardship Duty were split between the two paychecks each month. The Hostile Fire was paid in full on the 15th each month. Last time, the taxes would be refunded on about the 4th of each month for the prior month. That's the part I'm really wondering about.

    Take care!

  7. tinibee Says:

    creditcardfree - are you guys doing the Savings Deposit Program? We want to do it and I am wondering how hard it is to get it set up and get an allotment to it?

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