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For the love of bunny

August 25th, 2009 at 09:25 pm

So I recently took a road trip with my honey and my two kidlets. The youngest has a bunny blanket thing that she drags everywhere...and I mean everywhere. We caught on early how much she loved it and bought a back up bunny, but there is a certain sense of security in having two. Well, we dragged this bunny across 3 states and as we were on the home stretch of the drive home, we realized bunny got left in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant. It had been over an hour since driven off from the restaurant and were 60 miles north of it. I desperately called the restaurant and thankfully they had it. We sent down a prepaid envelope for them to mail it back and I'm calling them daily to make sure they have it and see when they send it.

This made me wonder, how could get another one of these bunnies? They were a toys r us exclusive and they no longer carry them (we look all the time). I found the bunny on ebay. One for $70 and another for $40. And this doesn't even include shipping! What if we only had 1 bunny and I left the sole lovey at the restaurant? Could I ever justify spending this much money on a lovey for my baby girl? Anyone else ever encounter such a dilemna?

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get bunny back soon!

4 Responses to “For the love of bunny”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    that reminds me of when i was younger, i had a ragged piece of sheepskin that i carried absolutely everywhere. when we were travelling i left it in a bed in a hotel. i cried my eyes out, my dad called them and got them to send it to me, but it got lost in the mail. i eventually got over it, it was very hard though and i did feel the loss. it is something that happens in life, you lose things occasionally. i think it is better to be a learning experience than to try to shield your kids from loss forever.

  2. Petunia Says:

    Oh, lovies! We had a similar incident when Daisy was about three involving two teddy bears. But having observed other children with their lovies over the years we had two back-ups of the one bear. (The other was a Pooh, so readily available.) They came back COD from a motel four states away.

    If a child was, say, under six, I would probably spend the money for the lovey. But if over six (or thereabouts) I probably wouldn't. (It would become a Hard Life Lesson.)

    Oh, and I think that teddy bear, the one that we have two back-ups of, was also a Toys R Us exclusive.

  3. KellyB Says:

    What fond memories you brought back, and some terrifying ones also! My son has a "Bear Bear", and we looked everywhere to find a backup, to no avail. We left BB many places, I remember at least 3 times when he was airmailed back to us (usually by family members when we left him after sleepovers) and once from a rental car. Son is now 17, and BB is not in use anymore, but has a permanent spot on the bedroom shelf. Guess BB won't be making the trip to college next year, but he can stay with me. He certainly has had the Velveteen Rabbit life, is now missing an ear, a tail, and is well worn. None of us would have it any other way. :-)

  4. Jerry Says:

    Our kid has a strong attachment to a stuffed cat ("Catundra"), which leads to some anxious moments when the poor feline drops from a 4th floor balcony, or falls from her arms on a busy street, etc. I worry, too, because these limited-edition things have no real insurance against loss (aside for something in reserve). This post also reminds me of my stuffed Snoopy from when I was a kid. That thing had its tail removed and sewed on like 15 times before it disintegrated! =)

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